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Staff Spotlight

PhD student

Our interdisciplinary approach to conservation brings together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and professional scientists with backgrounds in marine biology, ecology, sociology, law and many other disciplines. 

Over the years we've seen our team members build impressive, difference-making careers in conservation. In addition to their important work at Project Seahorse, they do great things as policymakers, activists, and scientists — in every region of the world. 

Here are a few of our many alumni:

PhD Student (2003-08)

"All aspects of our decision-making should take into account the impacts of our actions on the environment, and in turn what those impacts mean for the future wellbeing of people."

Program Manager

Tarah has almost 20 years experience in project management and partnership development in both the NGO and university sectors in Canada, Asia and Africa. She holds a Masters degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo with a research focus on fishing, parks conservation and ecotourism. Her experience includes almost ten years working in international development, including living on nature reserves in Swaziland where she managed environmental and community projects. Tarah currently manages Project Seahorse's day-to-day operations including international projects and partnerships.

PhD Candidate

Iain joined the Project to explore questions regarding seahorse movement and spatial use. Iain completed an MSc through Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) on turtle navigation and orientation, and holds a BSc from Mount Allison University (New Brunswick). Iain worked with the University of Alberta and Environment Canada prior to beginning his PhD research. Publications

Operations Manager

Eric has extensive experience with not for profits, community groups, government and corporate stakeholders.  He has worked on over half a dozen national and international Multi-Sport Games in various different capacities over the last 10 years.   He also has travelled to over 30 countries including trips South East Asia and the Galapagos. Eric manages Project Seahorse’s day-to-day operations and plays a key role in fund and donor development. 

Research Assistant

Christina has a  MSc from the University of Melbourne in which she investigated the restoration and management of a degraded forest ecosystem. She has experience working as a research assistant on several ecology projects including ones with BC Wildlife Federation and researchers at Simon Fraser University.

Research Assistant

"My time at Project Seahorse confirmed my commitment to conservation and environmental advocacy."

Volunteer diver

"Volunteering with Project Seahorse must be the best thing I’ve ever done in a wetsuit."

Marine Medicinal Conservation Officer (1998-2001)

"Conservation must be collaborative if you want to make a difference in the world."

PhD Student (1999-2004)

"I have seen Project Seahorse grow from initial conception to the global force for marine conservation that it is today."

Senior Programme Manager (2000-07)

"Our greatest challenge, therefore, is to establish a sustainable equilibrium that is equitable for all people."

Research Associate

Phil's research spans conservation and evolutionary ecology. He is interested in fisheries ecology and the effects of protected areas and other fisheries management tools on marine communities and ecosystems. He also tackles questions on the evolution of mating systems and life histories. Where possible, he links these two areas of research by using life-history and evolutionary theory to understand species' responses to conservation efforts. Publications

PhD student


Kerrie investigated key life history parameters and the ecology of exploited seahorses to assess the viability of the populations in the Philippines. She completed her Phd with Project Seahorse in 2011. She also has a BA (Hons) in environmental studies from Brown University, Rhode Island, and served as the Cod Tagging Coordinator for Maine’s Department of Marine Resources. Kerrie was also a medalist with the U.S. Junior Olympic figure skating team and has worked and studied in Latin America. Publications

Research Assistant

Stefan moved to Vancouver from South Africa, where he worked as a Project Coordinator for a sustainable energy NGO (Sustainable Energy Africa, Cape Town).  He has a research background in botany and zoology, specifically stress physiology and systematics - but as an avid diver and ocean enthusiast, he is very excited to be breaking in to the world of marine conservation.  In addition, he has traveled in Europe, India, Nepal and Tibet.