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Since its founding in 1996, Project Seahorse has been considered the world's foremost authority on the fish family (Syngnathidae) that includes 300 species of seahorse, pipefish, seadragon and pipehorse.

We have produced a large proportion of the world's research on these fishes, approved global conservation assessments, chaired a working group for an international trade accord, provided input to the world's definitive fish database — FishBase — and advised public aquarium and aquaculture ventures internationally. Here are a few key achievements and awards:


Project Seahorse has:

  • Generated 33 locally managed marine protected areas in the Philippines to protect all marine life.
  • Fostered an alliance of 1,000 families of small-scale fishers, KAMADA, that is leading in the establishment of marine reserves and enforcement against illegal fishing in the Phillippines.
  • Reconciled conflicting interests in coastal marine conservation (representatives from industry, government, public institutions, higher education, and conservation groups) to make traditional Chinese medicine ecologically sustainable.
  • Catalyzed the first global export controls for any marine fish of commercial importance, under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).


  • Finalist, Indianapolis Prize in Animal Conservation (2010)
  • Yves Rocher Woman of the Earth Award (2007)
  • Whitley Award in Animal Conservation, Royal Geographical Society (1996, 2006)
  • Conservation Hero Award, Disney Conservation Fund (2006), awarded to KAMADA
  • Chevron Conservation Award (2005)
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums Significant Achievement Award for International Conservation for Project Seahorse (2001)
  • Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation (2000)
  • Rolex Award for Enterprise (1998)
  • Grand Prix International pour l’Environment Marin from the Conféderation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (1997)