Who We Are
Train conservationists

The world needs more conservationists

One of our objectives, as a collaboration-minded organization, is to equip our already formidable team members with the skills and relationships they need to do great things in conservation — at Project Seahorse and beyond. Our interdisciplinary approach to conservation brings together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and professional scientists with backgrounds in marine biology, ecology, sociology, law and many other disciplines. 

Over the years we've seen our team members build impressive, difference-making careers in conservation. In addition to their important work at Project Seahorse, they do great things as policymakers, activists, and scientists — in every region of the world. 

A few of our recent alumni include:

Dr. Natalie Ban 
A former PhD student with Project Seahorse, Dr. Ban is now developing techniques for incorporating climate change and human impacts into conservation planning. She is a research fellow at James Cook University, Australia.

Dr. Sara Lourie
Former research assistant Dr. Sara Lourie is a leading expert on seahorse taxonomy and the co-author of several books, including A Guide to the Identification of Seahorses and a forthcoming textbook on conservation biogeography.

Shaun Goho
Former research assistant Shaun Goho now teaches environmental advocacy at Harvard's Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic.

Boris Kwan 
After working as a marine medicinal conservation officer with Project Seahorse, Boris Kwan joined Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, where he has held the post of Endangered Species Project Officer, among several others. 

Visit our alumni page to learn more.