Shallow Seas
Habitat monitoring

Project Staff

Jenny Selgrath
PhD Candidate
Mai Yasue
Research Associate
Phil Molloy
Research Associate

Habitat monitoring

Successful marine conservation depends on knowledge about the habitat needs of threatened species. Project Seahorse is undertaking a long-term study on the of recovery of degraded coral reefs and reef fish communities inside marine protected areas. The research is determining: i) rates and magnitude of community recovery within MPAs; ii) patterns of community succession within recovering MPAs; iii) effects of MPAs on reef diversity; and iv) patterns of community interactions within MPAs.

Decline of habitats like coral reefs is especially problematic in countries like the Philippines, where destructive fishing methods are commonly used. In 2006, we concluded two studies that assessed seahorse habitats in the Philippines, with the goal of providing information to aid the management of local species.

·         Improving techniques for long-term monitoring of seahorse population inside MPAs (Philippines)
·         Investigating the relationship between marine habitat quality and fisheries (Philippines)
·         Monitoring changes in habitat use in coastal communities (Philippines)
·         Frugal Conservation 
·         Photo quadrat study 


Program publications

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