Species Overview

Dwarf Seahorse (H. zosterae)

Essential Facts

Bahamas, Mexico, United States of America
Seagrass beds in summer, in winter moving deeper or into tide pools with heavy vegetation, may move with tidal currents.
Maximum adult height of 2.5 cm.
Habitat damage
Data Deficient (DD)
The Dwarf seahorse is one of the more popular seahorses in the aquarium trade as it breeds easily in capivity, unlike most marine fish.

Dwarf Seahorse (H. zosterae)

Hippocampus zosterae. Photo by Shedd Aquarium

This species is found in shallow seagrass flats, especially in association with Zostera and other seagrass, and is found in floating vegetation. Dwarf seahorses may be particularly susceptible to decline as shallow seagrass beds are susceptible to human degradation. They are aslo susceptible to being caught as bycatch.