Species Overview

Hedgehog Seahorse (H. spinosissimus)

Essential Facts

Indonesia; Malaysia; Federated States of Micronesia; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Solomon Islands; Vanuatu
Typically found at depths greater than 8 m. Maximum reported depth of 70 m. Inhabits octocorals, macro algae, near soft coral reefs on sandy bottoms.
Maximum adult height of 17.2 cm.
Habitat damage; commonly caught as bycatch by trawlers in Thailand.
Vulnerable (VU)
Hedgehog seahorses have been found at deeper than expected depths... more than 10m deep.

Hedgehog Seahorse (H. spinosissimus)

Hippocampus spinosissimus. Photo by Kerrie O'Donnell/Project Seahorse

This species is caught in the Philippines by fishers who swim through the fishes’ habitats and collect them by hand. The seahorses are then sold into the aquarium, curiosity and traditional medicine trades. Hippocampus spinosissimus are also quite commonly found in trawls in Thailand.