Species Overview

Pacific Seahorse (H. ingens)
Hippocampus ingens

Essential Facts

Columbia; Costa Rica; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; Peru; United States of America; Suspected: Honduras
Typically found at 1–20 m depth; maximum reported depth 60 m; among gorgonians or black coral; clinging to reefs on sponges, branches, and corals4; seagrass; have been found in the stomachs of Pacific yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna
Maximum recorded adult height: 31 cm
Bycatch in shrimp trawling; habitat degradation
Vulnerable (VU)
Genetic evidence suggests that H. ingens and H. reidi are closely related and are part of the H. kuda complex

Pacific Seahorse (H. ingens)

This large seahorse (30cm) is typically found at 1–20 m depths, among gorgonians or black coral.