Get involved

Project Seahorse's vital marine conservation work depends on the generosity of our partners, donors and committed individuals like you. There are many ways you can get involved:


A gift of just $25 can help establish a marine protected area where seahorses and other threatened marine animals can thrive. 


There are no opportunities currently available, but please do check back again!

Work for us

We have three postdoctoral opportunities available (scroll down after clicking on the link): 

Postdoctoral researcher: Seahorse ecology

Postdoctoral researcher: Conservation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Postdoctoral researcher: Biological and/or social aspects of marine protected areas

Avoid eating shrimp

For every kilogram of shrimp on our plates, an average of 10 kgs of other marine life is unintentionally caught by trawlers.

Learn about the issues

The choices you make as a consumer can help ensure that trade in seahorses is sustainable. Learn more about seahorse conservation.

Share Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Every time you choose Guylian Belgian Chocolate, you’re supporting Project Seahorse. To find out how Guylian supports our marine conservation work, visit

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Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about Project Seahorse with one of our beautiful e-cards