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Guylian is Project Seahorse's major sponsor and a supporter of our programs around the world.

Project Seahorse depends on the support of our partners and dedicated individuals to carry out its vital work. With your help, we will embark on another wave of strategic and effective conservation ventures, protecting marine life and ecosystems from overfishing, habitat loss, and bycatch. 

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Click here to make a one time or regular donation to Project Seahorse through our partner, the University of British Columbia. If you prefer to donate by cheque, please follow the instructions here. When you donate, you join our wonderful community of supporters.

H. kuda


Could help to purchase equipment for seahorse and habitat research, such as underwater torches, transect tapes, and gear bags.

fishers doing surverys


Could help to pay the salary of a local fisher to monitor the recovery of fish populations and marine habitats.



Could train local community members in marine conservation to protect species in their local areas, improving food security.

at dock


Could help to purchase underwater cameras, scuba gear, and other important technical equipment for Project Seahorse biologists.



Could construct a guardhouse for a fishing community to protect a marine reserve from illegal fishing.


Could help to cover the costs of field research into the trade in threatened seahorse species.



Could cover six months' salary for a Project Seahorse biologist to increase our understanding of global seahorse distributions by canvassing seahorse researchers and dive shops around the world.

Donations in kind

Project Seahorse also benefits enormously from your contributions of equipment and/or money, as follows (please send equipment and material donations to our Canadian address):

  • Donations of field guides, books, maps, posters, videos, slides and other educational materials on marine organisms, environments, and issues are always needed by field teams.
  • Your old dive mask would be welcomed on the Philippines project. It will be given to a Filipino seahorse fisher to recognise his or her involvement in seahorse conservation. Such masks increase comfort and safety when fishing and allow them to participate in management activities in marine sanctuaries. All dive masks can be used.
  • You can donate funds to support a high school apprenticeship in marine conservation in the Philippines. The village student receives money for school fees, books, uniform, and travel in exchange for spending weekends working with Project Seahorse.
  • In addition to financial support we need computers, airline flights, microscopes, telecommunications equipment, aquarium equipment, dive gear, two-way radios, solar panels and more for field work. Please contact us for details on our current needs and arranging for delivery.
  • Larger sums of money, in-kind donations and gifts such as securities, charitable annuities and legacy gifts are also welcome. Please contact us for more information.